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I am a passionate oil painter, sculpturer and  sketch artist from as soon as I can remember being able pick up a brush and a pencil. I developed my own unique approach to oil painting creating "Hershey kisses" of primary oil colors, carefully applied over a period of months to allow each color to mature and remain separate, with each "kiss" set within  a mathematically symmetrical grid, juxtapositioned next to each other creating an illusion of blended colors from differing angles, providing the viewer with a living. moving, pulsating canvas of light..


My love of art saw me take up photography and my journey of exploration started over  15 years when my other career in the ICT industry allowed me to visit remote developing communities across the Asia Pacific, including Bangladesh, Cambodia, Indonesia, Kiribati,  Samoa, Tonga and Vanuatu.  I used my lens to capture the unique beauty in these communities,

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    Welcome to my personal website. I have been passionate about art, photography and design since I was young.

    Matte Birchler

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